Bench Memorials

There are four styles of Bench Memorials:

● A Harp bench has a granite or marble bench seat, with or without a back, that is supported by harp shaped legs. Hence the name. Both the bench portion and the legs can have lettering and designs engraved and/or laser etched into them.

● A Pedestal bench has granite or marble bench seat, with or without a back, that is supported by a long pedestal style base. The bench and base can both be engraved and/or laser etched with lettering and designs.

● A Park style bench can be a traditional looking wooden or metal park bench with a plaque or a design added to them. They can also be made of granite or marble with engraved or laser etched lettering and designs added to them.

● The fourth style is the Cremation bench where the support base for the bench seat has spaces inside of it for cremains to be kept. They have front facing panels for each individual space that can be engraved or laser laser etched.

These designs are often used in family plots around a centered family monument. They are also a more affordable option than a full sized upright monument.

Feel free to contact us or come in with any ideas or questions you may have. We would be happy to help in any way to find the best monument for your loved one(s).

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