Bench Memorials

A bench memorial is a uniquely shaped memorial made up of multiple pieces of granite. The bench memorial itself traditionally consists of 2 bench legs and one bench seat the spans the distance between the legs.

Some, more modern style benches incorporate other styles of memorials in the bench legs. Upright monuments and cremation memorials both collaborate well with the bench style. 

Typically crafted for 2 people or as addition to larger estate set ups, adding a bench memorial to your memorial plot is a beautiful upgrade.

With so many Bench memorial design options to choose from, we highly recommend coming in to meet with one of our family of memorial designers. We can show you every engraving option available to help you build the exact memorial needed for your loved one.  

Pictured above, we have featured the wonderfully crafted Galligan Family Bench Memorial. This bench incorporates multiple memorial styles to achieve the estates design goals. 

This style of bench actually serves multiple purposes. Being that the bench leg is crafted to be thicker, the leg is actually hollow and could be used to contain the cremation remains of those memorialized. This hidden feature is perfect for larger estates looking to memorialize multiple people. 

Want to get started designing your own memorial?

Request a memorial quote and one of our expert South Boston Memorial Staff will be with there to help guid you through the process.