Family Monuments

A family monument honors three or more family members. These memorials can take many shapes, but one of the most common is a flat marker. 


Sadly these monuments tend to be built when a son or daughter passes unexpectedly. In many cases this allows the parents to honor their child and rest with them when they meet in eternity. 


Family monuments are rarer than the other options to memorialize your family member. These types of memorials will stand out in a cemetery simply because the circumstances are so rare. 


With so many design options to choose from, we highly recommend coming in to meet with one of our family of memorial designers. We can show you every engraving option available to help you build the exact memorial needed for your loved one.  

The featured Carter family memorial was originally placed after the passing of their son Thomas. This memorial honors the Carter family by forever placing them together. 

This straightforward memorial is also able to honor the service James dedicated his life to, and Thomas gave his life for. This, like so many other stories, is etched in durable granite which will tell many generations to come a timeless narrative. 

Want to get started designing your own memorial?

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