Flat Markers

A flat marker is a single slab of granite with all the intricate personalization to honor your loved one placed flush with the ground. There is some variation on the placement of the stones based on the cemetery’s rules, with some being set a couple of inches above the ground but they all have the same look. Since they are made to tell the story, the whole of the polished area can be fully utilized. 

The focal point of any headstone is the center so usually, the family name is found there, sometimes with a vase or other personal touch. Every headstone also carries the name and important dates of the loved one(s). 

Once the monument has been individually designed we finally place it at the head of the burial plot to aid in remembering your loved one. 

With so many design options to choose from, we highly recommend coming in to meet with one of our family of memorial designers. We can show you every engraving option available to help you build the exact memorial needed for your loved one.  

Above, we have featured the companion flat memorial of the Wilsons. They spent many years together and their love abounded. The vase used to honor these lovebirds signifies their faith too. 

The granite choice here allows for the frosted engraving technique to stand out. With a generational guarantee, this memorial will remain readable for decades to come. 

Want to get started designing your own memorial?

Request a memorial quote and one of our expert South Boston Memorial Staff will be with there to help guid you through the process.