Memorial Individualization Options

Every memorial tells a specific, unique and timeless story. We want to build you a monument that is as personal as your loved one. 

There are many choices when it comes to your memorial individualization options. Usually, we start with your granite color and shape. We can add a sculpted angel or a vase.

Next, we start to delve into who your loved one is and add symbols and quotes that help to tell their story. Their legacy will be etched in this stone for many decades to come. 


With so many design options to choose from, we highly recommend coming in to meet with one of our family of memorial designers. We can show you every engraving option available to help you build the exact memorial needed for your loved one.  

The Tingen monument featured is highly individualized. The shape of this upright monument is eye-catching and unique. The crying angel is different even when compared to other sculpted angles. 

The granite choice allows for the inscription to be easily read. Because the granite is black, an etching technique is used to highlight the portraits that adorn the top of this memorial. This lasting monolith will help to lengthen this man’s legacy. 

Want to get started designing your own memorial?

Request a memorial quote and one of our expert South Boston Memorial Staff will be with there to help guid you through the process.