Laser Etching

Laser etching granite memorials is a meticulous and precise process that involves using a high-powered laser to engrave designs, text, or images of your choosing onto the surface of a granite slab. The first step in the process is to select the appropriate granite slab for the memorial. The granite should be a darker color in order for the etched design to be more visible. Typically a black granite is best. It must have a smooth and uniform surface, as any irregularities can affect the quality of the etching. Once the slab is selected, the design and/or text is digitally prepared by our designer and then sent to the laser engraving machine.

The next step is to position the granite slab securely in the laser engraving machine. The machine is equipped with a high-powered laser beam that is focused onto the surface of the granite slab. The laser is controlled by a computer, which follows the digital design and directs the laser to remove a thin layer of the granite surface. The laser vaporizes the material, creating a precise and permanent etching on the granite.

During the etching process, the laser moves across the surface of the granite slab, tracing the design or text with extreme accuracy. The depth and intensity of the etching can be controlled, allowing for detailed and intricate designs. This process can be combined with traditional design options. Such as engraved lettering and paneling to help create the memorial you envision. The result is a beautifully realized granite memorial that preserves the memory of a loved one for generations to come.

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