Single Person Upright Memorials

A single-person upright memorial is a single monolith, granite tablet set atop a similarly designed granite base. Being made to tell the story of one person, the whole of the polished area can be fully utilized. 

The person’s life is centered at the center of the monument. The engraved inscription recounts the “facts” of their life, placing them in context. The photo is either diamond etched or colored in porcelain. 

The Upright is then set on top of a similarly colored granite base. Finally, the whole of the monument is placed at the head of the burial plot and erected to aid in remembering your loved one. 

With so many design options to choose from, we highly recommend coming in to meet with one of our family of memorial designers. We can show you every engraving option available to help you build the exact memorial needed for your loved one.  

Pictured above, we have featured the beautiful black traditional upright monument for Mr. Darek Weaver. When designing this memorial, Mr. Weaver’s family wanted to pack as much detail into the stone as possible. To accomplish this we utilized our laser etching technology. 

The fine detail of the laser etching made it so the “real tree” camo print could really stand out. As well, the level of detail in his portrait is truly astounding. 

Playing along with the theme of the monument. Being that Mr. Weaver obviously loved the outdoors, we made sure to add in the rock pitched sides around the tablets edge as well as the base. Where this may be a traditionally styled upright memorial shape, the rock pitching and the jagged camo design really set this memorial apart. 

Want to get started designing your own memorial?

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